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Established in 2017 by Teresa Marzolph, Culture Engineered helps transform workplaces into teams.  Understanding human connection is key to healthy, happy, high-performing teams, Culture Engineers design and support unique HR/culture services to support teams in a way that is authentic and sustainable to them.  Ranging from recruiting to feedback services, salary benchmarking to leadership coaching, the Culture Engineered team combines technology with high-quality interaction, creating value and connection within every team, at every opportunity within the employee experience.  With the support of a Culture Engineer, leaders and employees come together, collaborate, celebrate, and succeed, as a team.

Teresa Marzolph, Lead Culture Engineer

Year-End Support & Services – Culture Engineered

Employee surveys

Employee Surveys

Starting at $575!

What do employees want to see in the new year?  Find out what is and isn’t working about your team’s current experience and create a 2023 strategy that will attract, retain, and inspire talent using one of our easy-to-use surveys!  

Compensation Analysis & Benchmarking

Starting at $175 per role

Is your approach to employee compensation helping or hurting your ability to attract and retain good people? Compare and benchmark to similar roles, with companies your size in your industry, and region or on a national level.  Get the information you need to pay people fairly and competitively for 2023.

Compensation analysis
Benefits Brochure Sample - English

Comprehensive Benefits Materials for New Hires

Starting at $275

A recent study reveals 86% of employees are confused about benefits.  This confusion is costly given nearly 30% of  an average employer’s total compensation cost is attributed to benefits.  We create easy-to-understand, comprehensive benefit materials, available in English and Spanish.  Whether helping existing employees or attracting new talent, clear benefit materials help your people to stay healthy and feel valued in 2023.

Psychological Safety Assessment for Teams

Starting at $225

A Google study identified psychological safety as the #1 driver of high-performing teams.  Psychological safety is a shared belief within a team that no team member will be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes.  Learn what may be jeopardizing your team’s potential for 2023 with our Psychological Safety Assessment today.

Psychological Safety Scoring

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Exit Interviews

Conversational Exit Interviews



On Demand

On Demand Support


Design Your Own Unique Culture Package

Looking for comprehensive support that isn’t covered here?  Jump on a call with a Culture Engineer and discuss what it is you’re looking for.

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Expectations & perceptions of the workplace have changed DRASTICALLY in recent years.  Here are some current resources on workplace culture & teams.