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New & Developing Leaders

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Why train people to be better managers when you can coach them to be leaders?

Leadership isn’t a skill to be studied in a classroom.  It’s a technique to be developed through guided exercises and experiences.  Culture Engineered leadership coaching helps people to discover and nurture their leadership potential through live weekly coaching sessions, peer-learning to achieve measurable progress.

12-Week Leadership Intensives

Did you know it takes, on average, 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic such as a habit?  Our 12-Week Leadership Intensives are designed to transform managers into leaders, no through gaining knowledge learned in a book, but by changing behaviors.  Learners are introduced to research-backed techniques and learn to adapt these techniques into their own style with the help of a coach.  While leadership is an ongoing and continuous journey, intensives help get participants in the right direction, with the right tools.

Taking the course, I learned so many valuable skills to be a better supervisor.  I learned to delegate duties to staff and learned to understand their wants and needs.  I also became more aware of how to deal with difficult situation.

Joel V.

What coaching includes:


Weekly coaching

Coaching intensive participants attend weekly coaching, alternating between 1:1 coaching sessions and group coaching sessions each week.

Dedicated support

Access to a dedicated Culture Engineer, able to schedule virtual calls and get help during challenging moments.

Weekly reporting

Weekly reports, revealing employee concerns, threats to psychological safety, and peer-recognition activities, helping participating leaders to understand how to engage with with their teams more effectively.

TeamEthos Dashboard & Analytics

Daily, participating leaders and their teams receive actionable guidance specific to team feedback, helping to hold the entire team accountable to success.

Plus access to resources such as downloadable worksheets, tutorials and videos, and templates!

Where will your managers be in 12 weeks?

Learning to lead is difficult, and scary (for everyone).  But, it doesn’t have to be.

Give managers the support they need to lead high-performing teams with the guidance and accountability of a coach.


Is the 12-Week Leadership Intensive right for your management team?

Get pricing and curriculum details emailed to you.  Just let us know where to send it.

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Leader dashboard

Leader Dashboard with Real-Time Analytics

Coaching doesn’t stop with live sessions.  With 24/7 access to the TeamEthos leader dashboard, participating leaders get real-time team analytics and actionable guidance on how to lead and support employees, in the moment.

Measurable Progress

TeamEthos Weekly Reports provide learners with a clear understanding of their progress and give data-backed insight into the ROI of their progress.  Additionally, Weekly Reports visualize team trends specific to individual and team sentiment as it relates to their performance, ensuring learners prioritize aligning the employee experience with company success.

Weekly Progress Report