CONNECTED TEAMS is an interactive team interface that uses real-time analytics to drive team connection and collaboration. In just 8-weeks, participating teams reported the following:

of employees reported feeling more connected with coworkers and their leader(s)

of employees found the experience either extremely or very helpful in assessing and managing stress levels.

of employees reported feeling more self-aware

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Today's modern workplace depends on the work of teams. A company's ability to increase revenue, manage expenses, retain customers, or launch new products all depend on how individuals come together to connect and work, as a team. is a daily mindfulness practice for teams, helping them connect in a more meaningful creating more meaningful results.


What do lucky people & high-performing teams have in common? According to research - mindset also known as ethos. How we feel dictates what we do (and how well we do it).

Psychological Safety

Studies show psychological safety to be the #1 driver of high-performing teams. How does your team perceive taking risks?


A growing body of research shows mindfulness improves job satisfaction, critical thinking, and emotional resilience, and wellbeing. What does your team's dedication to mindfulness suggest?

Team Concerns

Learn the concerns weighing on the minds of the team and the extent to which they are stifling the team's optimal mindset - conducive to good work.

See what leaders saying about was such an exceptional tool for our team. We saw a major boost in team morale with shout outs and recognized a few items that we had no idea were plaguing our team. It gave our team the tools to be able support one another. It placed the responsibility to thrive back onto the team and not necessarily 100% on management. Exceptional team engagement tool!

Katelyn Draper, Ops Manager

Back Office Betties

Great tool, easy to use for our team. Provided real and actionable data.

Lisa Blue, VP Clinical Innovation


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