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Each team is unique. So, we offer a variety of tools and support, customizable for any team looking to connect in a more meaningful and valuable way.


Our most popular service, ChatLab is an interactive way for employees to ask questions or express concerns without fear.

Conversational Exits

Retain your best employees through conversations designed to elicit actionable insights specific to your organization.


What is and is not working about the employee experience? Using our unique surveys, engineer the experience that inspires your team.

Stay connected while working apart. A daily mindfulness practice helping remote teams connect with & support each other.
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Workplace Investigations

Whether valid claims or simple misconceptions, concerns left ignored fester. Get the certainty your team needs to do great work.


Workshops, training, frontline leader coaching, and on-demand HR support, we’re here to help.

Improve your workplace in five days (or less)

Want the best team?

Research shows high-performing teams share one common trait – a high level of psychological safety. That is , a high-level of trust within the team that allows each team member to openly support one another, have candid discussions, and be open to new and creative ways of doing things. But, how do you foster such an environment? In a word, feedback. With the right feedback tools, teams see improvement in as little as 5 days!

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What to Expect

Our experiences dictate our actions. So, by taking the time to understand and collaborate with employees on the experience they are having, the natural result is authentic, innovative, and inspiring work. Using feedback to foster a collaborative environment will transform a group of individuals into a team.

Is Our Approach Right for Your Team?

Do not choose us for the data.
Do not choose us for the technology.
Choose us for the strategic support we provide to teams.

Because teams are made up of complex beings, they will always perform better in a high-trust environment where communication is honest and purposeful. We are not here to help companies with data collection. We are here to help teams connect in a more meaningful way, using feedback as the foundation.

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Culture Engineered - Founder - Teresa Marzolph

A Word From Our Founder

“Great leaders prioritize employee mindset – recognizing it as the lens through which every action and statement is perceived…..and the catalyst for teams to rise, or quit. We work diligently to support these bold leaders and their teams.”