Workplace & Employee Surveys

What is and is not working for your team?


Workplace & Employee Surveys

With so many expectations of the workplace, where do you start?

In recent years, there has been A LOT of research on employee engagement, reducing employee turnover, and increasing employee satisfaction.  As a leader, so much research on competing priorities can feel overwhelming.  We offer surveys to simplify the process.  As we feel every workplace team and culture is unique, we offer a variety of surveys and analysis to help leaders prioritize what matters most to their team.  Take the guesswork out of creating a workplace culture that engages, rewards, and recognizes the team you value and have confidence that they’ll stay.  Launch your survey today.

Workplace survey for teams on a budget.

In 2017, Culture Engineered was born and it all started with this survey.  Now six years later, we’re proud to invite employers to launch this survey in their workplace, for free.  First, request a link for your team’s survey.  Then send the link to your team, inviting them to participate.  Then, get a free report, revealing the strengths and opportunities in your company’s employee experience as identified by your team’s results.  No sharing company email contact info or employee information.  Request your free survey link today!

What type of survey could your team use?


Leadership Assessment

Using the leadership traits identified in two separate, independent studies, assess strengths and weaknesses within your leadership team.  Learn more…

Pulse Surveys

Get an overview of your employee experience – what is and is not working, according to your team? Get an even better understanding of how you can attract & retain the talent you need.

Psychological Safety Survey

Found by Google’s Project Aristote study to be the #1 driver of high-performing teams, psychological safety is a shared belief within a team that no one will be punished or humiliated for speaking up.  Identify the potential within your team.

Employee Engagement Surveys

How connected do employees feel to their work… customers…. team mates…. the company?  Is it their calling?  Or a job?  Determine their level of engagement & how it can be improved.

Weekly/Monthly Check-Ins

Want to get a more balanced idea of how employees feel…. overtime?  Looking for ways to solicit their feedback proactively rather than waiting until issues have snowballed?  Schedule an ongoing check-in with at the frequency best for your team.

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Deemed by Bain & Company as the best predictor of retention, quickly determine how likely team members are to refer others to join your ogranization.

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It’s not the data that makes a difference…..

Unlike most survey platforms, we’re not in the business of data collection.  Culture Engineered is in the business of making a difference.  We know that data alone won’t make for a happier, more productive, high-performing team, nor will data help leaders better connect with or inspire their teams.  Real growth and progress for any team, comes from what a team does in response to survey feedback.  Culture Engineered works with leaders through the process to analyze feedback critical for the success of the team as well as implement systems and accountability to spark true, sustainable change.  Culture Engineered may provide the tools and guidance, but it’s the teams and leaders we support engineering workplaces and experiences that are uniquely them.

“Survey results and analysis helped to identify and drive objectives, which in-turn improved the culture, increased trust and collaboration and enhanced the overall engagement of the employees for the station.  Within 6 months we saw improvement in employee performance, retention as well as employee satisfaction (survey results in some areas increasing by nearly 20%).”  

HR Director, TEGNA and KPNX 12News