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1/3 of life is spent working. By making work valuable, you revolutionize the human experience. Make a difference and create an employee experience that matters. Through the use of employee feedback, quickly identify what employees dislike, like, and love. We will help you utilize this data to transform your workplace.

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We at Culture Engineered provide small-to-medium sized businesses with human capital solutions to improve both the employee experience and company effectiveness.

Successful strategies are rooted in feedback

High turnover, absenteeism, or churn? Low engagement, productivity, or customer satisfaction?

Symptoms vary but the issue remains the same – workplace culture.  A company’s culture, when good, can make a business.  When bad, it can drive a business into the ground. But by leveraging the power of employee feedback, leaders can understand, motivate, and drive a team’s performance.  With three diagnostic tools we turn feedback noise into your strategy for success.