1/3 of life is spent working.  By making work valuable, you revolutionize the human experience

Make a difference and create an employee experience that matters. Through the use of employee feedback, quickly identify what employees dislike, like, and love.  We will help you utilize this data to transform your workplace.


We at Culture Engineered provide small-to-medium sized businesses with human capital solutions to improve both the employee experience and company effectiveness.  Our model allows a business to determine what works for them.  Use our available tools to develop and test your own people strategies OR contact a Culture Engineer to aid in designing the company culture you and your employees are longing for.


Because successful strategies are rooted in feedback.

Do you need help developing & managing your strategies and systems around employees? 

A provider of employee feedback tools & support – we help connect workplaces in a healthy, collaborative way.  Choose the bundle designed to support your size business or, choose from our  à la carte solutions to enhance your existing “people” strategy.

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Are you paying too much for employee benefits?

It’s November and most employee benefits plans will end December 31st, moving to new plans January 1st.  In preparation, we’re providing weekly tips on managing your renewal period, answering different commonly asked questions.  This week, we’re answering the question, “how much do employee benefits cost?”. For 2018 the average monthly premium for single coverage was …

2 Reasons Your Harassment Training is Failing

You’re finishing up your workplace harassment training and everyone signed your company’s anti-harassment policy.  No #MeToo issues for you, right?  While you’ve done enough to comply with the administrative requirements, your training has likely done very little to actually prevent harassment from happening in your workplace.  Why?  Two reasons. Problem #1:  You’re solving for the …

How Good Surveys Go Wrong. Choosing the Right Employee Survey for Your Business.

  So, you want to know more about your employees.  Why not just run a simple employee survey, right?!  Unfortunately, this is the haphazard approach has been adopted by many companies and is why 78% of companies using employee surveys fails to see improvement.  Any survey produces data, but quality data comes when you use …


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