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 Are employees failing to report concerns for fear of retaliation?

79% of employees experienced retaliation after alerting their company of wrongdoing.  For most leaders, this is especially concerning as employees who have experienced retaliation previously are LESS likely to report concerns in the future, even with new employers.  ChatLab allows employees and leaders to work collaboratively on safeguarding their culture through anonymous and interactive reporting

Encourage feedback, not complaints.

Open communication is the best defense against workplace issues that can start out small, but build up over time when left unresolved.  Because employees fear repercussions, even the best companies relying on open door policies will often learn of issues late.  With the anonymity of Culture Engineered’s ChatLab, employees can ask questions and share concerns early in the process.

What ChatLab includes:


ChatLab Platform for Encrypted Communication

Teams receive a their own ChatLab chat box, allowing employees anonymous, two-way communication with a dedicated Culture Engineer.

Dedicated Culture Engineer

Employees gain access to dedicated Culture Engineer to speak with directly when they have workplace-related questions or concerns they are uncomfortable addressing internally, for whatever reason.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly reports reveal trends and usage related to workplace issues, beneficial to leaders in determining training needs, or organization communication.

Workplace Culture Support

In partnership with the company, Culture Engineers collaborate with internal HR teams, managers, and executives to identify potential issues at the root of employee questions and concerns.

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Insightful Reporting

ChatLab Monthly Reports provide leaders and HR teams with trends on employee questions, concerns, and employee usage.  Monthly reports lend insights into training topics for employees and leaders as well as organizational system and communication needs.  Tailor professional development initiatives and programs around what will have the biggest impact on your workplace culture using the feedback gained from ChatLab.

Sample ChatLab Monthly Report