About Culture Engineered

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Our Mission

To heal communities, one team at a time, through the power of human connection.

Our Values

No Fluff

Building a culture is humbling, honest work. It’s not about trends or niceties, but survival. Although traditionally viewed as a trivial perk, we know that there is no other factor more significant to the viability of a business, than the experience and perception in which that company’s employees are building products and delivering services. We are engineers, equipped with tools, and research-backed techniques…not cheerleaders relying on positive thoughts. Grit required. 

Holistically Human

Work is an act of expression and the end product of our experience.  The human experience is as complex as it is beautiful.  We design and cultivate experiences that honor the uniqueness of each team and individual.  The structure we lend does not limit but instead supports people and teams to thrive.


Aspire to be persistently curious…veering clear of the false comfort of complacency.  Our potential is limited only by the questions we choose not to ask and the intentions on which we fail to act.  Teams, organizations are living, breathing organisms, forever changing in response to interactions and experiences.  It’s only the relentless and intentional pursuit of growth can sustainably fuel the journey of transformation.

Meet the Culture Engineers

Culture Engineered - Founder - Teresa Marzolph

Teresa Marzolph, Culture Engineer & Founder

Working in HR since 2005, Teresa is passionate about 3 things:  mountains, rescuing senior dogs with her husband Derek, and the importance of creating connection within our workplaces & teams.  She started Culture Engineered in 2017 and continues to be amazed by the awesome teams she supports each and every day.

Sara Hoglund, Culture Engineer & Candidate Whisperer

An ASU Alum, Sara has worked in HR & talent acquisition since 2007.  When not working to support Culture Engineered clients, Sara spends time with her two daughters and husband, Tim.  A great instinct for people, Sara is the go-to for all hiring and team growth.