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Today is a great day. Everything is going smoothly except you're running late to meet your CFO and prep for tomorrow's meeting with the Board of Directors. Heading into your meeting, you learn the company has just lost its biggest client. Without that client, those glowing financials you'd prepared for the board meeting are nothing more than a pipedream. You'll now spend the day trying to retain the large account. If unsuccessful, you need a plan b fast as your projections for the rest of the year aren't possible without the revenue from that client. You call your best Sales Rep who handles the account and suddenly it's all clear. Your best Sales Rep is quitting, and you are blindsided. Why is he leaving? Is he going to your competitor...and taking the client with him? Is there anything you can do to change his mind? The client's? Are there more resignations and cancelled contracts to come? In a moment, the year you envisioned earlier in the day vanishes. You have an open-door policy, so how are you just now learning your Sales Rep has been unhappy for the last six months? The following days prove the signs were there, but were missed. Can you prevent this from happening again? How can you decipher the critical employee issues from the minor hiccups? Let us help.


Tools & Services

A successful strategy is rooted in feedback. These 3 essential tools provide culture diagnositcs you need to thrive.

Anonymous Interactive Reporting

Frustrated by the constant, seemingly trivial chatter of employee feedback? Allow this tool to decode it for you. Alerting you to the issues that matter & identifying trends putting your business at risk, with this tool you manage employee concerns without those concerns managing you. The most critical tool to SMB success, helping you to manage anonymous feedback is a staple of every bundle we offer.

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Voice-to-Voice Exit Interviews

What's the biggest reason your employees quit? If you're like most leaders, you likely think it's pay. However, this assumption is rarely the case! By asking better questions in exit interviews, you'll get better answers. With voice-to-voice interactive exit interviews you'll always be "in the know". You'll have what you need to retain your most valuable employees.

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The Survey

Survey data won't improve your company's culture. Effectively using that survey data however, will

With survey results from your business, you get not just data, but a customized roadmap designed to achieve the results you value. Need to improve customer retention? How about increasing revenue? Success comes from a culture focused on metrics, and behaviors that drive success. We find the path to get you there & provide diagnostics along the way to stay on track.

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