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Your new year strategy – Plan or Pipedream?

Dec 20, 2017 | Employee Engagement

If you’re planning for success, be sure to include a plan for your people in 5 steps.

It’s year end and like most leaders,  you are assessing both this year’s performance and putting together a plan for an even better and more successful new year.  But before finalizing either your year end review or the plan for the new cycle, ask yourself this one question:

Does my new year plan solve for challenges within our people strategy?

Revenue goal?  Check!  Goal to reduce expenses?  Check!  Customer retention goal?  Check!  Attract and retain top talent to achieve these lofty goals, in other words “engage employees”?   Whoops. 

Companies who develop and execute strategies on engaging their employees perform better.  In a recent survey, business units with high engagement levels outperformed those with low engagement levels in 11 different areas….sometimes by as much as 70%.  Want 20% higher sales?  To be 21% more profitable?  How about 17% more productive?  Then go back and develop goals around your company employee experience.  In 5 steps, increase your chances drastically for achieving your company’s performance goals in 2018.

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