Dashboard Metric - Participation

Dashboard Metric: Mindfulness

What is it?

Mindfulness reflects the level of commitment within the team to the daily mindfulness practice ranging from 0 (low commitment to mindfulness) to 10 (a high level of commitment to mindfulness).

Why does it matter?

Employee mindfulness reflects both the individual and team's understanding of quality over quantity (taking time to reflect versus approaching work and communication with others haphazardly) but also the level of trust within a team, for example:

1) Does the team trust leadership's commitment to anonymity using TeamEthos?

2) Does the team trust the team and leadership values their thoughts, feelings, and concerns?

3) Do team members trust the team to act on what is communicated back to the team?

When it's good....

Higher mindfulness (>6) = Higher levels of self-awareness, and trust in team members and leaders.

When it's not-so-good....

Low mindfulness (≤6) = Low levels of self-awareness, and a distrust in the team and/or leaders.

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