TeamEthos is an interactive team interface that uses real-time analytics to drive team connection and collaboration. The TeamEthos 1.0 pilot ended in July 2020. In just 8-weeks, participating teams reported the following:

of employees reported feeling more connected with coworkers and their leader(s)

of employees found the experience either extremely or very helpful in assessing and managing stress levels.

of employees reported feeling more self-aware

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Unlock your team's potential with four valuable insights...

Research has shown us that no amount of intelligence, experience, or training matters when a team's mindset is compromised. In today's modern world, success depends on our ability to reason and manage our emotions; however stress and fear impair us cognitively and biochemically. TeamEthos analytics gauges individual and team mindset, detects perceived obstacles standing in the way of a team's success, identifying actions leaders can take to cultivate an environment that unlocks their team's potential.


What do lucky people & high-performing teams have in common? According to research - mindset also known as ethos. How we feel dictates what we do. (and how well we do it).

Psychological Safety

Studies show psychological safety to be the #1 driver of high-performing teams. How does your team perceive taking risks?


Feedback is one of the healthiest signs of trust within teams. Teams engaging in mindful practices are collaborating on a path to perform better.

Team Concerns

Learn the concerns weighing on the minds of the team and the extent to which they are stifling the team's optimal mindset - conducive to good work.

Meet the Founder

"Great leaders prioritize employee mindset - recognizing it's the lens through which every action & statement is perceived and the catalyst for teams to either rise or quit."

- Teresa Marzolph

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