Dashboard Metric - Concerns

Dashboard Metric: Team Concerns

What is it?

Concerns are the problems weighing down the individual and team mindset and are categorized into two categories - personal and professional.

Why does it matter?

Whether personal worries such as child care, health, and paying bills or professional such as meeting deadlines and job security, concerns are the diminish mindset. Leaders attempting to cultivate a healthy collective team mindset where individuals feel invigorated and teams perform their best must first understand the concerns standing in their way.

When it's good....

A team without concerns is ideal although is not realistic. No one concern or concern type matters more than another as how they impact a person's mindset can vary. A leader that understands how to address concerns weighing on the minds and mindset of their team will see on average higher mindset ratings and better performance.

When it's not-so-good....

When repeat concerns gain traction and dominate low mindset ratings within the team, leaders should consider how they address concerns with the team and how they are working to help their team overcome challenges. Individual fears can be isolating. So, when concerns persist and even intensify within a team, communicating openly about the collective concerns of the team is critical. A leader's primary role is to elevate individual and team mindset, mindset conducive to rewarding employee experiences and high-performing results. Consistent and/or strengthening concerns indicate a need for more transparency, empathy, and/or support for individual circumstances and challenges.

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