Dashboard Metric - Mindset

Dashboard Metric: TeamEthos

What is it?

TeamEthos is the collective emotional and mental outlook of the team. It is ultimately the mindset by which all objective reality is perceived, assumptions made, and the attitude in which work is performed.

Why does it matter?

Thoughts, beliefs, and actions originate in the mind. Our environment and circumstances may change but it's how we perceive it, based on mindset, that we respond to it. How we as individuals lend our individual mindsets to a team's collective mindset, TeamEthos, then matters greatly. Leaders understanding individual and team employee mindset and its influence on individual and team work recognize managers produce and leaders cultivate.

When it's good....

Teams are most innovative, creative, engaged, and efficient when consistently operating at a TeamEthos of 8 and above. The act of cultivating mindset starts by asking employees to reflect and rate their own mindset. Similar to the difference between asking "how are you today?" (to which most will inevitably and reactively answer "fine") versus asking "but how would you rate today on a scale of 0-10?" (to which most will pause and reflect on their own emotional and mental state). This question, asked frequently, allows leaders insight and individuals pause for a moment of self-reflection. Both are a step toward a more thoughtful and valuable state of mind.

When it's not-so-good....

TeamEthos rating below 6 are more reactive, defensive, and prone to errors. It is important to recognize we all have bad days however when mindsets fail to fluctuate within a natural range, it can be a sign of concern. Peak and valley TeamEthos (ranging from extreme highs and extreme lows) suggest a conditional relationship with the team - any misstep may serve as a final straw for employee, causing the team or leader to feel they are walking on eggshells. On the other hand, mindsets that are unchanging, middle-of-the-road ratings (consistently "7" or consistently "5") suggest individuals going through the motions, failing to engage in self-reflection.

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