Team Ethos is an interactive team performance interface that uses real-time analytics to drive team communication and collaboration. The 8-week Team Ethos 1.0 pilot ended in July. Team Ethos 2.0 is now in development and we are currently accepting applications for the Team Ethos 2.0 pilot!

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Unlock your team's potential with four valuable insights...

Research has shown us that no amount of intelligence, experience, or training matters when a team's mindset is compromised. In today's modern world, success depends on our ability to reason and manage our emotions; however stress and fear impair us cognitively and biochemically. Project Ethos analytics gauges individual and team mindset, detects perceived obstacles standing in the way of a team's success, identifying actions leaders can take to cultivate an environment that unlocks their team's potential.


What do lucky people & high-performing teams have in common? According to research - mindset. How we feel dictates what we do. (and how well we do it).

Psychological Safety

Studies show psychological safety to be the #1 driver of high-performing teams. How does your team perceive taking risks?


Feedback is one of the healthiest signs of trust within teams. Teams participating in the feedback process are collaborating on a path to perform better.

Team Concerns

Learn the concerns weighing on the minds of the team and the extent to which they are stifling the team's optimal mindset - conducive to good work.

Meet Culture Engineered's Founder

"Great leaders prioritize employee mindset - recognizing it's the lens through which every action & statement is perceived and the catalyst for teams to either rise or quit."

- Teresa Marzolph

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