Want to know what your employees are REALLY concerned about? Now you can. 

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Identify issues before they escalate

Only 25% of harassed employees report the issue to management for fear of retaliation. 10% file a legal claim. This anonymous reporting tool allows for employees to give you the valuable feedback you need to run your business proactively rather than spending time putting out fires.

Demonstrate your commitment to integrity

What better way to demonstrate the value your company places on integrity than to engage a tool specifically designed to capture feedback? Never worry about underlying issues again.

Engage expert help in managing feedback

Unsure how to respond to employee relations issues? Our experts will respond to and manage reported concerns for you, providing your company and employees the support you need.

Leverage reports to develop strategy

Receive alerts on trending concerns in your workplace with our analytics. We'll identify persisting issues plaguing your business and prioritize most pressing issues.

A Win-Win Solution

Hold your team accountable for the culture of your company by engaging them. Provide employees with an anonymous feedback tool to express concerns & give feedback. Even the best leaders can't change a company culture alone. Commission the help of your team! Have them to co-create with you. Challenge them to own the integrity of your company's integrity and success.

Engage your team

The next best thing to being a mind reader....

Have you ever sensed something was off but couldn't tell what it was? Are good employees leaving and you're not sure why? We're no fortune-tellers, but we have a pretty good crystal ball, capturing feedback & concerns employees feel is most critical to their employee experience. Unless you like guessing, we're here to serve as your medium.

24/7 Availability

Employees can give feedback online or by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your company culture doesn't stop when employees go home. So, we're always available to support it.

Strategic Support

Our team of HR & culture experts serve both the company and its employees. To employees we provide a communication tool, to the company were a strategic partner.

Custom Reporting

Ongoing reporting and analysis to keep you ahead of the game. Quickly identify vulnerabilites in your organization or determine training deficiencies putting your company at risk.

Secure Technology

We engage a thrid party system, leading the industry since 2003, to ensure our system is secure, completely confidential, and offers a superior safeguard of anonymity.

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"The support we receive from Culture Engineered is that of a partner. They respect our culture and approach, giving guidance and support in areas most critical to our company success and the happiness of our employees.”

Robert Kanter | Vice President, Bryson Sales & Service of Washington

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